Franchise Enquiry

Think your ready to take the next steps?

We are glad you are taking the first step to follow your passion of opening an elegant premium coffee club with us. SAHA Coffee Club supports independent thinkers and entrepreneurs who are living the dream and, along with us, are committed to providing the perfect premium cup of coffee. Learn how the SAHA Coffee Club can help support your coffee Club journey.

Here is how we help you to become an owner of an elegant Coffee Club Chain.

10 steps to success

Follow our simple 10 steps to become a thriving success with SAHA Coffee Club!

Step 1: Why You?

Tell us why you want to be our partners?

Step 2: The Right Location

We will help you find the perfect location in your city.

Step 3: The Formalities

Develop a business plan and get the legal formalities completed.

Step 4: Money Matters

Obtain finance & investment.

Step 5: Interior Design

Help you set up your location with interior decorators.

Step 6: Training

Provide necessary training to run a successful coffee chain.

Step 7: Equipment & Merchandise

We will assist in buying equipment’s and merchandize.

Step 8: Staff & Chefs

Hire staff & chefs and provide necessary staff training.

Step 9: Marketing & Advertisement

Implement strategy to attract customers – marketing & advertisement.

Step 10: Launch

Launch your coffee Club and make you a partner in success.

Ready to change your future?

We will be with you every step of the way!

No Hidden Surprises!


We tell you everything that’s expected, up front. No surprises. So here’s what you need to know: In order to work with us, you must agree to follow our proven ten steps to Success process. If you do that, with the right planning, plus superior premium coffee products, plus extensive training, plus overall planning, you will avoid the costly mistakes typical when opening a coffee club. What’s more, you will have the best chance of success; a heck of a lot better than the statistics when you try to do it alone.

If you believe in serving premium coffee products to customers and be a part of an elegant coffee club chain, please fill in the information on the form provided. We will get back to you to talk more about this wonderful opportunity.

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